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Our Services


GetMed offers a range of services tailored to each client. It provides specialised expertise allowing the client to focus on the organisation's core competencies. GetMed focuses on:



GetMed follows the following agenda when we are contracted to implement a managed health care solution:




   a. Researching the Market and the Industry

   b. Defining the Health Care Plan

   c. Developing the Business Plan




   a. Preparing the Implementation Plan

   b. Establishing the Legal and Organisational Structure

   c. Finalising the Benefit Packages, Benefit Exclusions, and Underwriting Guidelines

   d. Finalising the Marketing Plan

   e. Finalising Arrangements with Providers

   f. Designing and Installing the Administrative and Operating Systems and Procedures

   g. Training Design and Implementation

   h. Preparing a Manual of Operations

   i. Mobilising Required Resources for the Implementation Phase




   a. Possible Issues of Members

   b. Possible Issues of Service Providers

   c. Possible Issues of Program Managers




Our various service levels that we offer are:



Managed care

Product design



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If you wish to contact GetMed for a proposal on any service levels describe above you can contact us at info@getmed.co.za or telephone 012 682 8000.